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Local Access Centre


Local Access Centre Limited is a user led charity. It is committed to provide information, advice, guidance and referral services and facilitate enhancement of skills for our users. 

We support people with disabilities, BAME, lone parents, elderly, youth and people with longterm health conditions.

Specialising in areas of unemployment, benefits advice, training, money management such as debt advice, financial literacy and enabling users to access services and overcome barriers by providing bespoke services including provision of work related learning for young persons aged 13-25 and foster entrepreneurism skills for all.



Local Access Centre Limited (LAC) – a ‘not for profit ‘company limited by guarantee  with the set up of a social enterprise formed in 2006.  

As a registered Charity we are governed by the Charity Commission for England & Wales whom registers, regulates and ensures that the public can support charities with confidence. (

The aim of LAC is to develop the business of the organisation and then deliver expanded public services in the health and social care priority area, as well as improving accessing employment, education and training opportunities.



We have delivered successfully various projects and are showcased below. 
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Since LAC’s inception in 2006, we have been well versed with implementing various training programmes and provide information, advice and guidance (IAG) for target groups:

  • BAME,

  • young,

  • elderly,

  • disabled,

  • lone parents and

  • carers.

We provide one to one and pairs sessions, focus groups, workshops, mentoring and befriending.

We are a user led organisation and take pride in this.  We ensure our presence is visible within inner city Birmingham communities.  We have longstanding relationships with local schools, colleges, JCP and various multi-faith institutions. 

Keen to foster entrepreneurialism, we also have local SMEs work with us and these business owners value our inputs in what we do by providing work related learning and refer our users to local companies. 

We are highly adept and experienced in past delivery of similar projects be it in  financial literacy, work related learning and community cohesion which have been supported by previous funders. 

By having multilingual staff we can confidently penetrate hard to reach groups, especially where English is an additional language. It gives us the competitive edge over others and also to maximise our volunteer in kind support from our staff, as demonstrated by their skills composite and to give best value to our project.

​We can give the X factor.







Local Access Centre (LAC) Limited is committed to provide information, advice, guidance (IAG) and referral services to local communities in Greater Birmingham.  

LAC allows individuals to facilitate obtaining and/or enhancement of skills.

We want to empower Local Communities to access services and support to improve their quality of life and to maintain their independence.

LAC is a user led organisation and take great pride in this.

  We are here to continually help all our users and can be shown by the service level agreement with JobCentre Plus we have and we are a Disabled Confident Level 2 and an Equal Opportunities employer. 

We radically overhauled our Compliance and legal obligations and implemented 200 Policies and Procedures documents.  LAC has previously been certified Investors in People and is working towards PQASSO-Level 2.

Past funders:

•              Future Builders

•              ESF

•              Lotteries

•              Banks

•              Business in the Communities

•              Local Authority, AWM, Age UK.

Our management and project staff are fully qualified in their fields and deliver on time and in budget.



  • to provide opportunities for members of the community to engage in activities that will promote their social inclusion and participation;

  • to provide training and development programmes for clients and users of all ages that will enable them to increase their opportunities for employment and social development;​

  • to provide advice, information and guidance to people on opportunities for their social, economic development and welfare;

  • to create and promote by publicity and education issues affecting accessibility and disability and

  • to widen access to legal services and legal representation and advocacy to vulnerable, disadvantaged people due to social, political and economic barriers.

Virtually all of LAC’s services are free.


  • generate income from the delivery of public services including tenders won through local authority commissioning and to develop contract income and new business opportunities including a range of legal advice services and casework;

  • aim to build more and stronger partnerships and engage in more effective networking with other third sector organisations leading to income generation from consortium led projects – e.g. Local Authority/ Job Centre Plus ESF Co-financing and ‘mainstream’ programmes;

  • aim to provide some bespoke services to both: other organisations; e.g. training services to private and third sector organisations and bespoke to individuals;


  • aim to develop income from delivering projects bespoke to the specific needs of vulnerable, disadvantaged groups (including people with disabilities/ long term limiting illnesses) from trusts that work with not for profit organisation and foundations (including The Big Lottery Fund programmes);

  • to provide services registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) re. BAME people and also Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) relating to improving the understanding and take up of HMRC products including Tax Credits and the Child Trusts.

  • A subsidiary arm of LAC Foods & Distribution C.I.C. trading as Zaika is an opportunity to create an income surplus that is ploughed back in the charity to support its aims.


Funders whom have supported Us over the years



This is what you are saying...

These are real life reviews and feedback received from our clients and users.
Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with us, or what it's like to use our services.
This can show that we are trustworthy and reliable.

"...I received a quality standard of service in the advice given."

Client R.K.

"...I was happy with the services received. Everything was done on time."

Client N.I.

"...I was told about LAC's services and I am pleased

informed in the advice given and maintain a very professional standard of services.

This was shown to me that the Policies & Procedures of LAC are top notch."

Client M.Z.A.



WNWN 0317A.jpg
WNWN 0317.jpg
LAC image 2017.jpg

In our great second City of Birmingham, there is poverty, social deprivation and addiction.

Waste Not: Want Not (WN:WN) teamed up by Zaika & LAC is determined to offer restoration by inviting the homeless and the needy IN and helping these and other groups OUT.

WN:WN is running its pilot on Sunday 2nd April 2017 4pm start; open until 7pm at Zaika, 228 Moseley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6LG.(Off street car parking is available)

There will be free homemade fresh curry and rice meal available.

We are doing this by helping all those in need with a hand up towards a new and meaningful future.


Local Access Centre is a charity and it’s catering arm Zaika by teaming up wants to give back to the community by having food philanthropy to help vulnerable groups such as:

·         the homeless,

·         refugees,

·         migrants,

·         those of no fixed abode ,

·         those from limited incomes and the needy.


All of Zaika’s profits are ploughed into the charity and it is important what we gain we reinvest to those in our community.


“Inviting people in and helping people out.”



at Local Access Centre

This is your Team and we are here for ensuring our users get all the support to access quality life. This is what makes LAC so special.
To outline our team's structure, culture and work philosophy in a nutshell is that, we don't give up.
We are here for our users and clients and will do whatever it takes to ensure success and the best possible outcome overall. Putting a face and personality to our team, helps our users and clients to connect.


Co-CEO, Investor & Director

As one the youngest director and Trustee Devia is the compliance and due diligence caretaker.  With a strong career in market research, her skillset of running her own business lends to setting LAC on an upward direction of growth and forging longterm relationships with funders and corporate sponsors.


CEO & Founder

Sarfraz as a visionary wanted to help individuals in his local community and set up the predecessor organisation LCAC in 1996.  His sheer dedication and passion to help others has been at the fore.  Sarfraz is an adept Management & Marketing Consultant with over 3 decades track experience of creating and leading profitable ventures in both the not for profit and private sectors in the UK and overseas.



Valerie has many years experience of work as a volunteer in the third sector and holds offices as a public governor for a NHS Trust. Valerie plays a prominent role at Birmingham Epilepsy Social Club as the Secretary and was previously the Welfare Officer. Valerie's administration skills are second to none and these are fully utilised at LAC.  She is expert at completing welfare benefit applications and has been successfully doing this since 1990.


Director, Client Care & Social Media 

As the newest and youngest director; Jenny is the first point of contact for Local Access Centre on a daily basis, taking  all inbound calls for enquiries, issues and complaints.  With a clear background in business and I.T.  she mainly deals with the amending, developing and updating of the social media accounts as well as funding applications. Jenny started off as a volunteer and has worked her way up by showing her true ambitiousness, commitment and dedication to the charity.

Get in touch


Appointment only Mondays to Fridays : 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Eves by prior arrangement.

Closed on weekends and UK bank holidays.  



There are many ways to contact us, either by email, telephone or post.
We are always happy to help.


Local Access Centre Limited, 228 Moseley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6LG



0121 690 0787




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