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Since LAC’s inception in 2006, we have been well versed with implementing various training programmes and provide information, advice and guidance (IAG) for target groups:

  • BAME,

  • young,

  • elderly,

  • disabled,

  • lone parents and

  • carers.

We provide one to one and pairs sessions, focus groups, workshops, mentoring and befriending.

We are a user led organisation and take pride in this.  We ensure our presence is visible within inner city Birmingham communities.  We have longstanding relationships with local schools, colleges, JCP and various multi-faith institutions. 

Keen to foster entrepreneurialism, we also have local SMEs work with us and these business owners value our inputs in what we do by providing work related learning and refer our users to local companies. 

We are highly adept and experienced in past delivery of similar projects be it in  financial literacy, work related learning and community cohesion which have been supported by previous funders. 

By having multilingual staff we can confidently penetrate hard to reach groups, especially where English is an additional language. It gives us the competitive edge over others and also to maximise our volunteer in kind support from our staff, as demonstrated by their skills composite and to give best value to our project.

​We can give the X factor.



Local Access Centre (LAC) Limited is committed to provide information, advice, guidance (IAG) and referral services to local communities in Greater Birmingham.  

LAC allows individuals to facilitate obtaining and/or enhancement of skills.

We want to empower Local Communities to access services and support to improve their quality of life and to maintain their independence.

LAC is a user led organisation and take great pride in this.

  We are here to continually help all our users and can be shown by the service level agreement with JobCentre Plus we have and we are a Disabled Confident Level 2 and an Equal Opportunities employer. 

We radically overhauled our Compliance and legal obligations and implemented 200 Policies and Procedures documents.  LAC has previously been certified Investors in People and is working towards PQASSO-Level 2.

Past funders:

•              Future Builders

•              ESF

•              Lotteries

•              Banks

•              Business in the Communities

•              Local Authority, AWM, Age UK.

Our management and project staff are fully qualified in their fields and deliver on time and in budget.



Funders whom have supported Us over the years



This is what you are saying...

These are real life reviews and feedback received from our clients and users.
Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with us, or what it's like to use our services.
This can show that we are trustworthy and reliable.



at Local Access Centre

This is your Team and we are here for ensuring our users get all the support to access quality life. This is what makes LAC so special.
To outline our team's structure, culture and work philosophy in a nutshell is that, we don't give up.
We are here for our users and clients and will do whatever it takes to ensure success and the best possible outcome overall. Putting a face and personality to our team, helps our users and clients to connect.


Director, Client Care & Social Media 

As the newest and youngest director; Jenny is the first point of contact for Local Access Centre on a daily basis, taking  all inbound calls for enquiries, issues and complaints.  With a clear background in business and I.T.  she mainly deals with the amending, developing and updating of the social media accounts as well as funding applications. Jenny started off as a volunteer and has worked her way up by showing her true ambitiousness, commitment and dedication to the charity.



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