How to give

Local Access Centre Limited is a user led charity. It is committed to provide information, advice, guidance and referral services and facilitate enhancement of skills for our users. 

We provide advice, support, guidance to all ages from the young and old, working age, ethnic minorities, disabled and with learning difficulties, in-house training.

Bank  for our Charity

Local Access Centre Limited

TSB Bank

Sortcode 30-93-66

Account Number 01113450

For Sarfraz Kayani Foundation, please quote "SKF".


Gift Aid it please.  Just simply fill in a Gift Aid form which we can send, call or email us and we can automatically increase your gift by 25% at no extra cost to you.

If you are a taxpayer, the UK government will then give Local Access Centre £0.25 for every £1 you have kindly donated.  

It's that easy to increase your invaluable support.

Thank you so much.