LAC want to make an important difference by combating hunger and ensuring beneficiaries get information, advice and guidance (IAG) to receive their benefits entitlement. Since 2016 Local Access Centre has forged a successful partnership with Neighbourly, who have coordinated with national supermarket chains such as M&S, ALDI UK and Lidl GB to redistribute surplus groceries to help those who need it. As a charity, the continuous help from Neighbourly we have received has been invaluable.  We  have provided cooked meals to Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust and food items to As-Suffa Institute, Central Birmingham who have given a lifeline to very isolated and vulnerable individuals-particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Sarfraz Kayani's inputs have been priceless to those in the U.K. where making sure food is available. Without Local Access Centre's support; families and individuals will have limited choices of where they turn for help-especially if English is an additional language for our users. This is vital and is greatly appreciated by those whom LAC helps.

Local Access Centre is a charity and it’s catering arm LAC-Zaika CiC; a social enterprise provides catering, hospitality and events management such as parties; weddings, corporate/religious/charity events to the public.  By teaming up together LAC wants to give back to the community by having food philanthropy to help vulnerable groups such as:

·         the homeless,

·         refugees,

·         migrants,

·         those of no fixed abode ,

·         those from limited incomes and the needy.

In our great second City of Birmingham, there is poverty, social deprivation and addiction.

LAC-Zaika CiC & LAC is determined to offer restoration by inviting the homeless and the needy IN and helping these and other groups OUT.

We are doing this by helping all those in need with a hand up towards a new and meaningful future.


All of LAC-Zaika’s profits are ploughed into the charity LAC and it is important what we gain; we reinvest to those in our community.

"Charity sees the need, not the cause."